Plantation Field Horse Trials (Apr 2024) - Entries
RiderHorseDivisionStatusBalance DueDeposit BalMissing
Abrecht, KelseyNickySTARTAccepted - Incomplete100.00Hand-Signed Sig Page (Agreement 2024): Missing
Hand-Signed Sig Page (Release 2024): Missing
Abrecht, KelseyThird Times A CharmOPAccepted - IncompleteHand-Signed Sig Page (Agreement 2024): Missing
Hand-Signed Sig Page (Release 2024): Missing
Agard, RoseSecret BankONAccepted
Barr, FyliciaKilbunny Close CallOPAccepted
Barr, FyliciaQuantum CooleyMAccepted
Beale King, GillianB.E. Balou UOPAccepted
Beale King, GillianB.E. Wexford BoyOTAccepted
Beale King, GillianDrumnaconnell KobieOPAccepted
Bean, AudreySeveriousONAccepted
Beattie, LeahDilly - The Flying PickleOBNAccepted
Beaver, SethExcel Star JupiterTRAccepted
Bitsko, RachelWell Al BeMAcceptedY - Barn A 1
Boehmler, ElsieDiamond ChipNRAccepted
Bosley, IsabelleConnerOTAccepted
Bowersox, JoeRespondedONAccepted
Bown, MajaNative WaveSTARTAccepted
Bradford, EmilyLJS Lana TravelerOPAccepted
Briles, EmmaPretty in PinkSTARTAccepted
Brooks, EmmaLegendary ManOTAccepted - Incomplete60.00Hand-Signed Sig Page (Release 2024): Missing
Brown, MatthewSuntory GoldONAccepted
Buchanan, AudreyLucas Teusje CNRAccepted
Buchanan, CindyUpper CharlizeTRAccepted
Cannizzaro, OliviaMahogany DancerTRAcceptedY - Barn A 10Milestone
Centeno, AbbigailMiss MoneypennyTRAccepted
Champagne, BradleyLaurel ICFOTAccepted
Clark, LorinMagic MikeONAccepted - IncompleteY - Barn A 11Milestone
Clasing, DanielBarbados OSONAccepted
Clasing, DanielFVE's BatmanONAccepted
Clasing, DanielHomerONAccepted
Clasing, DanielKHH LanesboroughONAccepted
Cousins, SarahHagridOIAccepted
Cowen, MadisonClip ClopMAccepted
Cowette, MikaylaNo DownsideNRAcceptedY - Barn B 15
Craft, IsabellaClassic EndeavorTRAccepted
Elgart, LeahB.E. Quality StreetOPAccepted
Ellis, FionaRedfield LeonardoOBNAccepted
Estes, KelseyTrionfoMAccepted
Fansler, KendalDelilah's BoyNRAccepted
Fergusson, Lisa MarieMarcoONAccepted
Fergusson, Lisa MarieRatheoin Quality ImpOPAccepted
Fordyce, HilaryLowhill Quidam CruiseOBNAccepted
Glas, AdamClever SoulMAccepted
Grayling, MatthewBarbeCueONAccepted
Grayling, MatthewGold CzarONAccepted
Grayling, MatthewTrudeauOIAccepted
Grice, RachaelPasticheNRAccepted
Grice, RachaelTaproot PinnacleSTARTAccepted
Hagaman, SydneyPor FavorMAccepted
Hambleton, AnneShould ExpectTRAccepted
Haney, MadisonChesterland's Sweet CharlotteOPAccepted
Heard Wood, LillianCooley MaestroOTAccepted
Heard Wood, LillianLanikaiONAccepted
Hornbeck, PamelaSilver LidoTRAccepted
Humble, EmmaDivine DaneillaNRAccepted - IncompleteHand-Signed Sig Page (Agreement 2024): Missing
Kane, SarahJamdolinOBNAccepted
Kaplan, AdlaiHappy HarryOBNAccepted
Keane, KevinGuggenheimONAccepted
Kelley, LindsayCooley CarreraOPAcceptedY - Barn A 9Kelley
Kidney, CaitlinWoolaston PromiseTRAcceptedY - Barn A 6Kidney
Kidney, LeahFuego's FabulousOTAcceptedY - Barn A 2Kidney
Kidney, MattFernhill Milchem MatteoONAcceptedY - Barn A 5Kidney
Kidney, MattFuzionOPAcceptedY - Barn A 4Kidney
Kidney, MattMecari-EOPAcceptedY - Barn A 3Kidney
Kilpatrick, SavannahFernhill MelodyMAccepted
Kundravi, LynnFox Ridge Rocket ManOBNAccepted
Laird, SarahCaptain MorganOBNAcceptedY - Barn A 12
Linton, DelaneyRestitutionOBNAccepted
Lussi, JeannetteRock'N RangerNRAccepted
MacLeod, AlexandraNewmarket JackOIAccepted
MacLeod, AlexandraStockholder ZAONAccepted
Marrinan, JuliaAlibiOTAccepted
Martin, BoydCadiz 1MAccepted - Incomplete
Martin, BoydHeidsieckOPAccepted - Incomplete
Martin, BoydJoey FiddlesticksMAccepted
Martin, BoydNuggetMAccepted - Incomplete
Martin, BoydVivanturaOPAccepted - Incomplete
McCumbers, RachelBG Bella DonnaOBNAccepted
McGrain, MeganCooley RockmasterOPAccepted
Merala, KristenExcel Star Kerry PippinOTAccepted
Michener, Isabella (Izzy)Sport ModelSTARTAccepted
Nelson, DawnCarrick Kilderrys QueenNRAccepted
Neville, ErinBluestoneTRAccepted
Novotny, KatieJaguar Rosette WGNRAccepted
Pifer, JulieHRH JudgementalMAccepted
Poe, AlexisCurraghgraigue Clear FutureMAccepted
Ramsey, PaigeFashionable ManOPAcceptedY - Barn A 7Kelley
Ramsey, PaigeMTF Cooley ClassicOPAcceptedY - Barn A 8Kelley
Renzetti, AnnieJocelynSTARTAccepted
Renzetti, AnnieMollyNRAccepted
Rowland, DianaOver RiderNRAccepted
Rowsell, LeeciMan of ConvictionTRAccepted
Saenz, CamilaGrey Stone LadOPAcceptedY - Barn B 16
Schaefer, MelanieFrankly My DearONAccepted
Schmidt, ChristaChakiris StarTRAccepted
Schmidt, ChristaKarate KidONAccepted
Schwickert, Greta24 Carat QualityOPAccepted
Silliman, CaitlinExcel Star Vero AmoreOPAccepted
Silliman, CaitlinHappy HourMAccepted
Simpson, CurranRF CosmosNRAccepted
Solomon, SydneyWealthOTAccepted
Stephenson, ElleChesterland's JifOTAccepted
Stephenson, ElleTreasury StockOTAccepted
Stoltzfus, VanessaTeddy SarcoOPAccepted
Strouble, IsabelleBoleroOBNAccepted
Sweeny, EmiliaFernhill Jack SparrowTRAccepted
Thorp, AshleyLancretoNRAccepted
Thorp, AshleyThe OptimistNRAccepted
Turner, ReginaFive of DiamondsONAccepted
Wandy, TiffanyCV OutlawOPAccepted
Welch, EmmaInfinity BaakiimNRAccepted
Welker-Ebling, ElizabethB.E. Calvados 12OTAccepted
Werner, JessicaHawkinsTRAccepted
Whitaker, EmmaHSH Golden BoyNRAccepted
Willham, MichaelExtra PointONAcceptedY - Barn B 17Willham
Willham, MichaelFernhill CayenneOIAcceptedY - Barn B 18Willham
Wood, RyanBorisONAccepted
Wood, RyanWoodstock IndyOTAccepted
Wood, RyanArdeo CruiseONAccepted
Zupan, AshleyAl CaponySTARTAccepted
Zupan, ShannonCricketNRAccepted

Division Entries
NRNovice Rider17
OBNOpen Beginner Novice 10
OIOpen Intermediate4
ONOpen Novice 22
OPOpen Preliminary21
OTOpen Training 13
TRTraining Rider 13